In the course of his profession Dr Ajitkumar has provided treatment, guidance and trainings to a lot of prominent personalities in the society, the list includes prominent industrialists, politicians, actors and professionals from various fields , owing to professional ethics identity and details of these people is kept confidential and is never revealed to anybody. But as an exception, for the testimonials Dr. Ajitkumar has provided the names of the people with their due permission and consent.

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In my occupation, communication skill is one of the important skills that is required. This requirement was completed with the help of Dr. Ajitkumar's guidance I got for personality development and because of sir only i got into IT sector, so all credit goes to Dr. Ajitkumar.Mr. Mayuresh Sagare(Infosys Hyderabad)

I came to Dr. Ajitkumar Sir with my personal problems and was able to solve my all problems which i was facing for many years, Thanks a lot Sir.Mrs. Vrushali (Liverpool, London)

For my own and Police department, i had organized hypnotism stage shows and Personality Development coaching from which I and my whole police department got very well encouragement to how to live life happily without stress.Mr. Dattatrya Karale (S.P. Mumbai Police)

I have taken help for personal development and was very successfull in life, because of them some problems got solved and now I am living my life happilyMr. Sharad Chavan (Manager, Phyto Castle)

I have taken personal coaching from Dr. Ajitkumar sir from which now i am able to solve day today's Court decision easily and efficiently. Also now my childrens have taken personal coaching and their grades in school exams have increased.Mr. Sunil Gaikwad (Judge)

I got failed in first year of engineering because of poor results in the exam. So thought to join Dr. Ajit Kumar sir personal development coaching class. After completing their coaching and joining the next year of engineering, you won't believe that i was able to score good marks in exam, so all this happened because of Dr. AjitKumar sir.Somaling Dalavi - BE (Manaji Raje Bhosale College)

I have been with Dr. AjitKumar for 20yrs, watched lot of programs of hypnotism and personal development were many people got cured with various types of diseases. From this Dr. AjitKumar sir has become pathfinder for the young generation and youth is getting inspired from them. My life too got wonderful and happier.Dr. Sampatrao Jadhav (Director Institute of Management, Baramati)

In my hectic schedule life some incident happened with me and was unable to handle that stress, becuase of that i gone into depression mode and mentallic instability got created in my mind and was not going out, that affected my whole carrier. Then i realized its getting very complicated now i should remove this from my mind but was unable do it my own, as it was impossible for me. So i started taking psychiatrist treatment for last 3 yrs and all these incidents and problems got solved under the guidance of Dr. Ajitkumar sir treatment. Now i am not taking any treatment and i am living my life happily.Sarika Devrokhakar (Solapur)

In this 20th century living a happy life is so diffcult and i was one who falled in it. where i was mentally unable to take family decision correctly an at right time. This lead to depression and stress in life which resulted into weakness health too. By seeing this condition one of my friend told me that, Dr Ajitkumar sir is specialist in resolving such type of problems and you should join it. After hearing and forcing lot of times from friend i joined the course, and within initial two days of course i felt that something is changing in my life and after completion of course everything got changed. Thannks sir.Santosh Rajmane - Officer Mantralay (Mumbai)

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