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Dr Ajitkumar is an ardent devotee of the great Shree Saibaba of Shirdi, as a gesture of his devotion he has also taken a barefoot walk to Shirdi from Sangali his home town, which was 475 kilometers of treacherous journey.

For a very long time he had dreamt of building a beautiful temple of Shri Saibaba for his devotees in Sangli and surrounding areas, the temple needed to provide a serene and meditative experience to all the devotees. Building this temple wasn’t an easy task, it required a huge amount of sum, persistence and efforts,

It took years of efforts and hard earned money, he saved money from his shows and his coaching practice, leaving very little for his day to day existence, he didn’t borrow from anybody or took any donation for the same, it was a hard task but he and his love for Saibaba prevailed and now his dream is on the path of fulfillment, this beautiful temple is now almost complete and would soon be opened for all the devotees .

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