Hypnotherapy / Personality Development Workshop 5 or 10 Days with 1hr DailyToggle

Dr Ajitkumar is also a Master Stage Hypnotist - he can entertain your Corporate Event, Business Seminar, Conference, Sports Club, University, College, Military Mess, School or Charity events anywhere in the world with his Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Show.

All participant’s in Dr. Ajitkumar's show can rest assured that they are in the competent hands of a professional and that they will be taking part in safe, humorous routines where they’re treated with the utmost respect. Being Hypnotized on stage is a little like actively participating in a dream. You retain the ability to either accept or reject Dr. Ajitkumar's suggestions and most Hypnosis Stage Show participants will only accept suggestions that are non-invasive and within their physical, mental and moral capabilities. You can never be made to do anything against your will. It's good clean fun in which dignity and modesty of the participants is held in high priority.

All show participants will all be awakened from their hypnotic “sleep” at the show conclusion, feeling relaxed and refreshed, with fond memories of one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. As a valuable token of appreciation and thanks, all show participants are given suggestions of positivity, and pride on awakening.

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