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Dr. Ajitkumar is a veteran of more than 20 years in the Hypnotherapy and is fast becoming recognized at national and international level for both Stage Hypnosis and Motivational Hypnotherapy. Dr. Ajitkumar is a physician by profession and has got a PhD, Italy (Europe). Apart from being a hypnotist Dr. Ajitkumar is also a veteran in Dhyan Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. he combines this effectively with his therapy, helping in your spiritual development as well, his experience in Dhyan Yoga and Kundalini Yoga (to open six chakra's in the Astral body of an individual i.e.-Shatchakra bhedan) plays an important role in physical, mental and emotional health and will give benefits you haven't imagined ever. Dr. Ajitkumar is author of some of the popular Marathi Hypnosis “how-to” books “Hypnotizm Tantra Vichar”," Bhiti Kashala? Atma-sammohan Madatila", and "Vyaktimatva Vikasasathi Atmasammohan". He is one of the world’s very few Hypnotists who is both a stage performer as well as a Registered Hypnotherapist. When hypnotized by Dr. Ajitkumar, you are in expert and caring hands, where you will be treated to an amazing experience that you will remember fondly for years.

You will find here path to

  • Shed all your fears and be fearless
  • Increase will power
  • Increase your confidence
  • Be a positive thinker
  • Sharpen memory
  • Increase mind concentration
  • Get rid of bad and procrastinating habits
  • Get rid of anxieties, Exam fevers
  • Remove stage phobia
  • Get Peace of mind
  • Learn self hypnosis

This website and my work is dedicated to help people find a path to a tremendous self growth, energize them to face difficult life challenges bravely, bring confidence in their lives and increase their brain power. Life is too precious to get bogged down by the challenges thrown by it, Let us find a way to power our mind to live life successfully, happily and with its full potential.

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